JRD Realtorss guarantee skilled management of residential properties with a tailor-made accession for each of its customers maintaining a huge team of flawlessly trained property managers. We replenish exceptional management services, enhancement of properties, proper security, cleaning and gardening to secure that customers have serenity in their new home.

On every visit to the villas our professionals try to collect some good pictures and E-mail them to you, so that you are aware that our experts have visited your property.

A residential property that is scrutinized frequently is less probable to be targeted for graffiti!

  • Key holding feature
  • 24 hr emergency telephone number
  • Pest, centipede and termite inspection
  • To make sure that all the security services are functional
  • Check on all the sanitary
  • Water house plants
  • Two visual inspections, inside and out with pictures taken with date on monthly basis
  • Air rooms
  • Tidy garden