Top 5 Locations in Coimbatore to Purchase Property

The real estate market in India is growing beyond the top metro cities in the country. This can be clearly seen in cities like Coimbatore. Coimbatore has flourished as a textile hub since the 19th century and has come a long way since then. From small houses to a number of tall residential and commercial buildings, Coimbatore is often referred as the Manchester of India today. However, Coimbatore has yet to see much more in terms of infrastructural development and growth. The government’s initiative for smart city development and the city being listed as one of the first to be developed among 20 others has given fresh incentive for large-scale development in the city.

This initiative has helped the city as giants of IT and software have already entered the city with major investments. Along with it, the real estate market of Coimbatore is also on the verge of a boom. Some of the key localities in the city include places like Vadavalli, R.S. Puram, Race Course, Avinashi road, and Trichy road. These areas have become a favorite choice for buyers and real-estate investors. Builders are offering budget houses for buyers in these areas which are in the heart of the city and thus well-connected. All five locations have well-equipped healthcare centers and hospitals making them favorable for retired seniors as well.

There are several good educational institutions that make them attractive for people who are willing to buy a family home. There is a lot of choice for people who are looking to buy affordable homes at reasonable prices. It is also a good long-term investment opportunity for them. Buying a house is not just some random purchase. When people buy a house, they also regard it as an asset that might help them with their future needs. And there is no better option than buying an affordable home in such a locality which is about to see a boom on both commercial and residential fronts.

Despite being at such a premium location, many major real-estate players are offering budget homes. They have identified the need of the people and are selling aggressively. This presents a great opportunity for buyers who can get spacious houses at attractive and reasonable prices while being assured that they have made a good investment.

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