Things You Need to Check When Investing in Residential Plots in Coimbatore

Due to its progressive development and accessibility, Coimbatore is experiencing a real estate boom—and a lot of investors are pondering whether purchasing residential plots in Coimbatore is worth or not. Are you interested in buying a home in this area? Below are some of the things that you should check on before closing a deal with the seller.

  • Important documents

If you are buying from an individual seller and not a developer, always check if the land has a release certificate and encumbrance certificate from the bank that states that the property is fully paid. A clear title deed that is under the name of the seller is also  necessary to ensure that the seller has legal rights to put the land up for resale. Asking for previous tax receipts is always prudent so you can ensure that the land you’re buying has no legal debt.

  • Location of the plot

Location is important when assessing the investment value of the residential plots in Coimbatore. For example, if you are planning to build a house on the land, then the location must be near schools, hospitals, and business areas, whereas the best lands for independent villas are situated in beautiful and quiet neighborhoods like the Western Ghats. Sometimes it is okay to buy cheaper plots on the outskirts of the city because when the city expands and develops, their value will most likely appreciate.

  • Developer’s credibility

Buying from a developer is often the best way to go because they usually offer the best residential plots in Coimbatore. These plots are ready for construction and completes with necessary permits. A reputable developer has long years of success in real estate. They will help you buy the best land for your needs and assist you throughout the process of building a home there.

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