How to do proper research before buying Property

Verifying documentation is one of the most important aspects of buying property. Improper documentation will lead to a lifetime of woes. Many homeowners have been cheated of their earnings and savings by unscrupulous builders. Choose reputed and respected Kovaipudur builders for your property and you will be able to reside in peace and enjoy the comfort and luxury of your homes. Here are a few important facts that you need to be aware before you buy your property.

Clear title

Regardless of the type of property that you plan to acquire, you need to check if the property has a clear title, free from litigation. It does not matter if you are looking to acquire villas, or apartments. The documentation is more or less the same. With online verification processes it is possible to ascertain if the property has a clear title. Spare yourself a lot of trouble by choosing a property from respected Kovaipudur builders with clear titles.

Necessary commencement and completion certification

The property you acquire should have the necessary commencement and completion certification. This is typically issued by the local body authorities. While many individuals and families are happy to just look for basic documentation, it is important to be in possession of all necessary certification and compliance reports. With fire hazards increasing in many cities, it is also necessary for the developer to obtain necessary reports from the authority.

Green belt land 

If the property you intend to acquire forms part of a green belt where construction is not permitted, you would end up in problems.  Therefore ensure that the builder has complied with all conversions requirements before undertaking the construction of the property.  Similarly, land that is adjacent to airports would have restrictions on the height of the buildings.  Choose your location after a thorough vetting of the documentation.

It is important that you choose your property after going through the documentation in detail. The property should have a proper mother deed, necessary EC, with an upto date tax paid receipt. This will save you many trips to various offices to sort out issues after you occupy the property.

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